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June 28, 2005



Dear H & H, As I try to recover from the shock of seeing my name on the website, I want to say that EVERYONE who has met you and sweet, gentle Miles, on this journey wants to help because of what wonderful people you are and what a superb and so timely documentary you are making. And I am just grateful that serendipity brought you into my life and the lives of my kids, Ben and Niki, as the dear friends that you are. And I am also grateful that it gave me the opportunity to speak with dozens of thoroughly nice independent business owners across America who have all eagerly expressed their wishes to welcome you into their communities and homes, ... without once expressing any reservation about the name "Hosein," or ... the fact that you once lived in New York! They are the kind of Americans who make me feel like I can in fact be proud on this Independence Day weekend to be an American. And we are all counting on you to share their articulate voices with the rest of the country, and I am certain that your documentary will play a fundamental role in the national dialogue on how our consumer choices can either save or ruin America the Beautiful. Now get some rest because you never know what wonderful serendipity will change and extend the course of the last leg of your journey! And the greatest thing about serendipity is that it's almost always about at least two or more people feeling that the mistake was a happy one - so yours is ours!

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