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June 01, 2005


Susan French

Glad that you were able to make a stop in Durango for some coffee...although, I think that it is pretty funny that what brought you to Durango was the publicity, derived from the Corporate chain, Starbucks. But I don't see anywhere in your logs, where you actually visited the Starbucks store for the REAL story, isn't that what brought you out of your way to Durango? You will never ever know...they might have let you film the ROCKS that broke their window.


Hi Susan,

We had a great time in Durango! Yes, the Starbucks controversy drew our attention to the city but so too did Durango's independent nature. The number of indie businesses and the people behind them is admirable. We understand it's also what draws many people to Durango. As for the Starbucks - we did stop by. We also tried to contact the manager.
Before we launched this journey we submitted intv requests to Starbucks' headquarters in Seattle so hopefully we'll be speaking with them soon. We're aiming for a dialogue on both sides of this issue so please stay tuned.

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