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June 07, 2005



I just found your podcast and I love it. I haven't shopped at Walmart in years, and I haven't eaten at fast food places in over 2 years. I love helping out the independent places, but even yet today there is bad news for these people. I live in the Kansas City metro and they are putting up this new stadium downtown and there is this great Bar-b-que restaurant that has been there for over 20 years. But the city took imminent domain because they want to put a better looking building. They offered him rent, but he says he can't afford the rent, and plus he OWNS this lot. Also in the town that I live in the city did the same thing to build a Lowes. Citizens were upset, and the city went ahead and did it. Now nobody shops there. We have been going to the local hardware store that is closer, and if they don't have it we will go to Home Depot driving past Lowes.
Also if you want to find good independent hotels go to hotelbook.com. I also make a rule when I go out of town to not eat at places that I can eat out at home. I have been doing this for over 15 years. I think I will have to do this at home.

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