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September 17, 2006


The Exec Producer

Hey Guys,

This is such great news. I am so proud of both you and as much as I personally would have liked a little "top" down on our labor of love it feels "right".....I will keep spreading the word...



Carl Lasky

Congratulations on a well-made, provocative indi-doc. As an independent publisher, Ravenhawk Books, Tucson, AZ, I especially appreciated the commentary on the segment of what we call "The Book Mafia." We do battle with them every day to get our titles out in front of the public and onto bookstore shelves countering the corporate attempted sabotage of independent imprints.

I would bet that the book "The Making of Independent America" would be a timeless literary and educational classic. We'd like to publish it if you write it.

Thank you for the compelling look into the crucial fabric of what made the United States the great country she is.

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