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November 29, 2006


Elissa Erickson

Wow, what an eye-opening documentary. I'm an American living in Australia and stumbled upon this documentary on TV last night. I couldn't change the channel as it had a great message on Corporate America. I think I'll never be able to shop at another Wal-mart, Starbucks or Borders store again! Power to the Mom & Pop businesses!!!

Cheers to the film makers: Hanson, Heather and Tom.

Peter Tolhurst

Hello I thought the program was great in highlighting the difficuties of trade in a local area. It's not too bad here in Australia but it's slowly increasing.

All the best to all involved in the documentary.

Peter Tolhurst
Melbourne Australia


strong winds in brisbane made our reception very ... iffy. still wouldn't change the channel.
before i moved to australia, i was a big fan of the road trip in the u.s. roadside america dot com was my guide and i feel that because of my love of the smaller roads, i have a different view of my home than those who love the interstate, mallwart and fast food. unfortunately, most people i have met here (oz) and in europe see the interstate/stripmall u.s. i hope this not only opens eyes, but also gets people to rethink how they could visit north america...and how they shop and travel anywhere, really.

Ian, Brisbane Australia

Hey that was a great documentry and while I watched it, I started to see the same trends happening in Australia. I work at a local newsagency which is locally owned and the business has suffered with a "NewsEpress" chain opening in a near by centre. What you said about spending 100 dollars in a local store goes along way with local businesses is sooooooooooo true, it makes an actual immediate difference. Keep urging people to shop at independent stores. Cheers


Your account of small town America's fight against the big chains made for compelling viewing here in Australia.

Although Australia does boast its share of global and local chain stores, the affect in our regional areas has not been as profound as your US depiction.

However I'm sure it will become a bigger problem as the pasturization of local tastes and sensibilities extends to the bush.

Keep going with the good fight and thanks again for such a wonderful documentary.

Suzy Gneist

Great program and very topical for us here. Woolworth recently bulldozed the Maleny (Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland) community by putting a store (unwanted by a lot of locals who prefer the local co-ops and M&D stores) in. The local council kept saying they couldn't stop them (W) from coming - I was interested to listen to the councils that did make changes and rules to protect their local economies in your program.
Suzy, Flaxton/Montville QLD Australia

Dave White

Great doco!
I did not get to see it until today.
A fantastic wakeup call to all Australians.
I hope the commercial networks show your film as SBS is a small market.
I have a retail degree but never worked in that industry, the reason was the fact that we were heading to 24hr shopping and faceless stores. I could not be part of it. I try to shop local and stay away from the boxes and Maccas etc. People in America have been caught unaware, I hope we can learn from that. I also hope you guys can take back your corner stores and the characters that run them. The next step is to pay some decent wages to the workers.
Thanks again, Dave White Sunbury Australia.

Mat Colefax

Good work guys,

It is a lonely road, maybe we are crazy and corporatisation is wonderful and we should all trot off the nearest supermall like the other 99% of Aussies, yet maybe not.. I opened yesterdays local paper the front page story is that our soon to be heritage listed national park is being eyed off for a nuclear power plant ! could this be connected to the corporate interests in uranium lobbying our fanatically economic rationalist governments ? If so then the recent opening or our very own supermall wool was just a softening up.

Chris Parx-e Web Zine

Great Doco I plan to purchase a copy to show my friends. Good Stuff

Andi Hazelwood

Bravo. It was my wedding anniversary, we were in a nice hotel room right on the beach, and yet we were glued to our TV!

The movement back to local production and consumption has a name: relocalization. I'm the Australasian Regional Coordinator for the Relocalization Network, 132 groups in 12 countries all striving to "relocalize" their communities for stronger local economies and energy security. Visit www.relocalize.net to learn more and to start your own group- support your local businesses!

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