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December 19, 2006


Wendell Schloneger

I really appreciate what you have done by showing what is really happening to communities when the people do not continue to buy at their local family owned stores. The stores go out of business and full time jobs paying competitive wages are lost. The taxes and benefits to the local economy etc. are lost. The towns look terrible when the stores are empty or filled with tattoo parlors and such. Maybe? People will wake up before it is too late but it is very doubtful. Most Americans are really pretty illiterate, they do not have a clue what they are creating by only buying at the big box stores. A number of years ago we were taught to read books that advised us to Look Out For Number 1...each individual. Unfortunately this was a big mistake. We need to look out for our families, churches, schools and the entire business community and our manufactures in our nation. Thank you so much for this movie. I own an Appliance store which is now in it's 61st year of operation. We are the 10th longest running Frigidaire Dealer in the nation and the world.
This means the same family are still the owners, as when we took on the Frigidaire franchise. But we work hard to get people to buy from us. We are in a very difficult environment, to run a family business.
Bennet's Appliance Centers inc.
Wendell Schloneger
Orrville, Ohio

D.M. Thraam

Independent America trailers literally made my year - and the fact it's barely begun only makes that statement more meaningful. You've given me the sense that I am not an isolated confused and terribly cynical, depressed liberal in San Francisco, where I know I do not get an accurate impression of what the rest of this nation is like, and dreading what corporatism - which Mussolini termed as synonymous with fascism, but which technology is making something which could, when all is said and done, and the blood has been shed and the cities burned and the baneful clean-up begins, we may find became much worse than authoritarian cruel powers of 60 years ago could ever have been.

I am disenchanted with True Majority and MoveOn, beholden to the Democratic Party, which is a phony opposition party. Don't believe me? I live in San Francisco, where Pelosi has been my congressional rep for nearly a decade. She speaks a blue streak and checks approval for war expenditure with her red pen. Her, and how many others? Did they ever believe a word of the form letters they sent us? Were they planted in the Democratic party from the start to destroy it? In 1998 I'd have called such thinking paranoid lunacy, but now? I wake up, see the USA is a quasi-democratic oligarchy, and got sick of just complaining about it.

I want to do something about it, help in my own way.

What if there was a website, much like MoveOn or True Majority, which sent letters not just to Congress but to the CEOs and shareholders of the Fortune 500 companies?

Letters saying (with encouragement to personalize and write one's own message added:

Dear __________________.

"As a citizen, I would like to tell you, one of the 1% ownership society of "have-mores", that I am no longer buying the lie. The jig is up, we know you own - even if unofficially - our governments federal and local, and if you don't lean on it and get the Bush crooks out, get 9/11 investigated to make sure there was no implicit complicity or "negligence-on-purpose" since the evidence builds more and more and it is extraordinarily suggestive that this was a planned thing. That's just one problem: there's Iraq. There's the expanded surveillance powers and the gutting of the Bill of Rights.

Please see to it that the corporations under your rubric take steps to lean on the government (which you have a relationship with, make no mistake) to initiate impeachment of GW Bush and his coterie. I will be watching your role in these issues, and if you help restore respectability to our nation we will make sure all know it. But if you do not, neither I, nor my family, friends and associates will do all we can to not spend our money in any way you will get it."


A few scattered notes won't do it; it has to be a database driven, professionally operated site with information rigorously updated. I volunteer my time and aesthetic skills, my ability to make a halfway good looking site.

I am seeking people to work with who can help make this idea for one possible tool for helping us in taking our nation back from the short-sighted and greedy "corporatzi" a reality.

Please email me with any syggestions or offers of assistence.

Again, kudos on the work you do for the Mom and Pop retailers. In San Francisco, where corp chains are shunned, neighbourhoods often chat with storeclerks and beat cops. Let's bring love back to our land!


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