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July 01, 2007


Neil Breen

I just saw your film and was impressed . As a one person independent film maker who just produced , wrote and directed my first independent feature Double Down , I can appreciate it . www.Double-Down.biz . Good luck !!!

Fred Kirkpatrick

Your film is almost excellent. It's time for American consumers to wake up, stand up, and start choosing more wisely, where their money is being spent.

I did find the film makers a bit disingenuous, though. The message they are trying to convey is that we need to buy local and buy American, yet they are driving a foreign vehicle that is not made or owned by an American company. I found that quite laughable.


Thanks for your comments.

Every once in a while, someone points out that we were driving a "foreign" vehicle. Which is laughable in itself, for two reasons. First, U.S. automakers rely heavily on their foreign partners (and foreign part makers), so even if you think you're buying an American car, it's sometimes nothing more than a rebadged, repurposed Japanese car (Mazda, Mitsubishi).

Conversely, while U.S. automakers (and consumers) are losing ground, foreign automakers like Toyota and Nissan are hiring Americans to build models that are only sold in North America. Case-in-point: the Nissan Xterra. Manufactured by Americans in Smyrna, Tennessee.

In an era of globalization when you can't really trace anything back to its source, we're quite happy with our U.S. manufactured vehicle.

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