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May 11, 2005


Tracy Richards

This is great! I am Delaraine's secretary in kelowna. She directed me to your website. I'll be watching. Good Luck!

Gino Cerullo

This sounds like an amazing trip. I posted info about it on the Southern Ontario Xterra Club web site http://www.soxc.org so we'll be keeping track of your progress.

Have fun!

Carla Jimenez

Very excited about your trip...my husband and I, while still using interstates, have not been to a chain restaurant on any road trip in many years, so please don't give in to KFC again...there's no need. Look for the Portugese or soul food or Armenian places we've found within 5 miles of interstate exits and you will not regret it. Hoping you'll find a need to duck down into Florida. Our Tampa Independent Business Alliance (the birthplace of Independents Week) is rooting you on, thanks to Jennifer at AMIBA's alerting us! Happy trails to you...

Brian Scanlan

Well I just got back from visiting my father who lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It looks like your route will take you by his front door step. While visiting we went for Saturday morning breakfast at a local diner. It is the start to every Saturday for my father and his wife. They knew every second person who entered and had a chance to catch up with their friends. There was a sense of family and community with the patrons and staff that you don't find at MacDonald's. Their life, and many people like them, would be different with out their favourite breakfast spots accross America and elsewhere.

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