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December 17, 2006



Hello I’m Maribel and I’m from the north of Mexico.
I just saw your web page for a big coincidence, and I’m very impressed of what are you doing. I think it’s great that somebody finally cares about this big issue.
This same phenomenon is happening in my town too, we also have a lot of American and national chains like, wal-mart, 7eleven, mc donalds, home depot, office depot, carl´s jr, wendy´s, sam´s, and so on. And the regional businesses are going down too; closing and having a lot of big loss in their gains.
I got to tell you that you are doing a great work.

Ish Wiebeck

My name is Ish Wiebeck and I own "Ish's Country Store" a 7,000 sq ft specialty retail store. We are in north central Michigan on a County road.

We have situated our store in St. Helen, between two Wal-mart stores and Home Depots in West Branch and Houghton Lake Michigan, about 27 miles in oposite directions from us. Our store is sort of the anthisis to the big box stores.

We carry 8,000 different items in our store - from soup to nuts and bolts. We have quality here Angus Pride "Choice Beef" and low prices as you mentioned in your film, but most important we have delivery service on all items in our inventory.

Thank you very much Heather and Hanson

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