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November 01, 2009



Loved your film on Hulu.

I live in Santa Fe and am familiar with many of the other places you covered. I find it a bit funny because like you my girlfriend and I went on a several week trip by motorcycle to see America. We also left with two rules, no chain restaurants and avoid Interstates whenever possible. Like you it didnt take long till we had to break our cardinal rule because there was simply no other options. I remember having nearly the same conversation in Brownfield TX, a lot of people live here what happened? Locals could only think of 5 fast food places for places to eat. I suppose if you take a girl out on a date you have a choice of Burger King or Pizza Hut. Town after town we went through were complete ghost towns in the downtown area. Before we left I didnt think that finding places to eat would be as much of a challenge as it was, but we only broke our rule 2 or 3 times, sometimes having to go 40 or 50 miles and through quite a few towns before finding a simple diner.

During our trip we stayed with family and friends along the way who insisted on treating us to dinner. All of our hosts my age (30's) and younger first tried to take us to some Applebees like place before we told them no chains only to discover that in all the years they've lived there they've never tried the local food and never heard of the little place we stopped at the next town over for lunch. I had to explain that the food at those places is good but its exactly as good as back home, some place different may be better or it may be worse but either way you'll remember it. Our relatives my grandmothers age, on the other hand, gave grand tours of their communities and their cool unique shops with several choices of mom and pop restaurants to try. It seems our younger generations have gotten accustomed to eating the same food and shopping at the same shops be it Ohio or California and are completely blind to anything else, it doesnt matter where you are everything is the same. Its like Charls Kuralt said "Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything."

I think we've made a few converts along the way who'll be trying new things from now on. Several times our hosts joked that we'd discovered more of their town in a few hours than they had in a few years.

Looking forward to seeing your other film now.

Twilight (2008)

I love you film on Hulu . Thank you for sharing with us !! I have also some film just like it. I would also like to share all with you.

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